Our Heart
Young people in Poland were the primary energy and momentum behind the revolution that broke the power of communism in Easter Europe in the late 80′s. But a revolution that changes the government cannot change the hearts of people.  We want university students to fulfill Christ’s commission by reaching and making disciples.

Our Vision

We long to see spiritually seeking Poles find freedom in Christ, develop roots in the truth of God’s Word and see them trained up as leaders of character in the church with a heart for the lost.  Our hope is to share the love of Jesus with university students, invest in their lives, teach them God’s word and organize outreach events for students. We desire to create community where people are known, loved and growing in their relationship with Christ.

Our Path

Our family moved to Krakow, Poland in 2011 and then to Wrocław, Poland in 2013.  We are currently working with a local church (Wspólnota Chrześcijańska Swojczyce) and working to reach new students through discipleship, bible training, evangelism and outreach.